Affordable Home Solutions                                                                                                - First for S.H.O.P  Expertise.


We offer best in class, independent, affordable home expertise, tailor made for home buyer, developers and land owners who are committed to achieving optimised outputs.
We deliver client satisfaction. Affordable Home Solutions deploys the fullest range of specialist affordable home services to make sure our client’s objectives are under One Roof of all we do.

About us 

Affordable Housing Solutions at a Glance:

 - A strong team of affordable home experts who add value engineering  to every project;

 - The fullest range of affordable home advice;

 - Supporting the property development industry in Mumbai ,nashik , pune  and the pan india  for giving home buying opportunity to Every class .

 We offer our clients:

- The opportunity to optimise outcomes;

 - Sound commercial solutions;

 - High quality support tailored to meet your objectives.

 - S.H.O.P. Workshop Program .

Strategic Advice


There are common trend which run through many city based initiative’s , Each opportunity is unique affordable home solutions provides you with a partner equipped will all the resources required to redefined the most appropriate affordable home buying strategy to perfectly match the spefic's of your affordable Dreams home objectives                                                                 

                                       our strategic menu includes S.H.O.P. program  ,feasibility studies & options appraisal , affordable Residential  Research ,Expert witness ,on project specific basis ,we offer Expert input in relation to home buying policy , Design ,value engineering  &  SIP investment ,change over fund strategy, this is supported by an expert value engineers ,fund manager ,we are resourced to work  systematically with our consulting team to address the compliance related to affordability to every class of people and deliver pre planning ,financial cash flow , construction phase ,consulting advice to optimize pre planned affordable home buying outcome through S.H.O.P.  workshops   

Financial Viability Analysis

Affordable home solutions interface directly &positively with Local Authority officers on your behalf  our negotiations expertise offer optimum &timely outcomes in relation to affordable home Buying & constructing ,planning & Development issues Key supported to our negotiations is provided by tailored financial viability assessments ,we have significant in-house financial Modelling expertise which will be deployed  to  clearly  demonstrate the commercial realities of affordable housing provisions we also advise  in relation to draft agreements and  thereby minimize Risk of buying home on Offers based statistics  

Bank Loan Disposal Routes                                                                                                 ( Road Map to 0% Home Loan Repayment to achive Dream Mile stones of life )

Affordable home solutions deliver optimum affordability for Buying Home & increase  the sales ,constantly update our depth market knowledge in order to provide the best sales platform to negotiate best affordable purchase , 

                                 we specifically implement  tailored home buying strategies geared to select the most beneficial purchase,  we consider the long term management of affordable homes  paybacks advice is key determination of successful project outcome